How to Use Fresh Figs

September 26, 2011

Photo by Joseph De Leo

When we asked for your best ideas for fresh figs, we had no idea how many clever uses you all have lurking up your sleeves! Whether it's an Indian pudding or earthy risotto, at least one of the concepts below is sure to whet your appetite and ignite your imagination (or better yet, your stove!).

Here are some of your favorite recipes, tips, and techniques for fresh figs (in no particular order):

Light Bites

Rice and Pasta

Sweet Treats


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  • Mayastrawberrypic

    Chef Maya says: The Crostini sounds great, I made a Fig and Bacon Bruschetta recently on rosemary toast, topped with mascarpone cheese and then topped with mixture of sliced fresh figs, applewood smoked bacon and local arugula tossed in fig balsamic vinagrette. It was so yummy!

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  • Missing_avatar

    Chihua says: Add to Greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon!

    over 2 years ago Reply to this »
  • Missing_avatar

    newestobsession says: Try them on your breakfast oats!

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  • Missing_avatar

    Miss B says: My favorite pizza - crust brushed with olive oil, topped with thinly sliced figs, prosciutto, fontina cheese and chopped green onions.

    over 2 years ago Reply to this »

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